what can first nature do for us?



 Being at home in your voice is an incredible experience.... Your  heart sings like a bird"

        We're open to authentic hearing.

          We feel dynamically alive.

            This is the natural way to be... 


But sometimes life just isn't like that. We experience loss, sorrow and hardship alongside the drip-feed of day to day conditioning and stress. We are gripped by these, and they are mapped in the sound of our voices, locked in our bodies, as we brace ourselves to manage with less freedom of breath and energy...



Sometimes, the pressure becomes almost too much to bear. Things that we have relied on start to fragment and break down. Our sound is dull, we stop really breathing and we are lacking in vitality; getting through the day is an effort. We start to lose connection with who we really are. We get used to surviving rather than enjoying.


 And sometimes...


Through the First Nature approach we can become rooted again. Through the First Nature approach we can re-energise our potential and dynamically express it.




 If one practises… one will attain to that power which is latent in every soul. One need not be a singer, but for every person it is necessary that he should give some part of his day, even the shortest time he can give… to his voice, to the development of his voice.

Hazrat Inayat Khan