what first nature offers us


Training - The Foundation Training is a 10 month course, which takes place over 19 days, divided into 2 weekends and 3 five day blocks. It is a deep and transformational training in which there is a movement from inner work embracing silence, hearing, awareness and compassion practice, through breathing and bodywork, vocal expression and performance, to taking these into benefitting others. Click here for more detailed information about this training.

  • Performances - One of the most important understandings in First Nature is that in performance there is an opportunity for profound change to take place. With this in mind, First Nature performances offer a platform from which to sing with authenticity. Participants create an environment of support and ease, connection and compassion, in which and through which a richness and generosity of voice may emerge.
  • One-to-one work with individual coaches. Fully trained coaches offer sessions in London, the South-East, and further afield.
  • Taster Days offer the ideal environment to come and experience the First Nature exercises, and to enjoy their benefits. Suitable for all, no experience required. Taster Days may be followed by a short course.
  • If you would like a workshop tailored to your interests - e.g. mens' workshop, children's workshop, lullaby workshop, please contact us.


first nature in the community


First Nature is providing an environment for personal development and transition in many different areas of life. We are actively working in the fields of:

  • Education - providing workshops and ongoing training for teachers and students
  • Business - enabling communication and negotiating skills - enhanced performance - Stress Management
  • Community Projects - 'Compassionate Voices' sounding for the very ill and dying
  • Health Care - workshops for GP support, pain management, and respiratory patients
  • Performing Arts - workshops, masterclasses and courses for both professional and amateur artists

First Nature is used in a range of different ways by the First Nature coaches. As well as using the work to help singers develop their voice, some coaches use the work to help with health difficulties and with peoples' well being. Here is a youtube link to the work of one of our coaches who is using First Nature with the elderly who experience breathing difficulties.


"I never realised that transformation could involve so much joy, laughter... and cakes"